Chances are if you’re reading this you hate ads. You do your best to avoid them. When you see an ad on Youtube you hit skip right away, you never click on banner ads, and you may even have an ad blocker installed on your web browser right now.

If you’re a marketer you know that a term called “banner blindness” is a big problem if you’re spending any money online to generate leads or sales.

The good news is that Advertorials work because they are ad’s disguised as an article. People trust articles and publications. More importantly is that people will like, comment, and share your articles but are unlikely to share advertisements. This gives your ads on Facebook a much larger free organic reach. These are the fundamental keys to a profitable advertorial.

1. Your headline should tell a story

Every good story has a archetypal story as the foundation. Here are a few archetypal stories I recommend:

  • David Vs. Goliath: “How One Man Stood Up Against His Insurance Company And Won”
  • The Reluctant Hero: (think Luke Skywalker) “This Guy Was Forced To Sell His Home But His Neighbors All Benefited”
  • The Hero’s Journey: “She Went On A Quest To Fight Obesity After Her Mom Died Of A Heart Attack At Age 46”

2. People love to buy but hate being sold to

If your advertorial looks like thinly veiled advertisement then it’s not going to be effective. The reason why advertorials work is because it’s a non sales based approach to selling them.

The goal is to make your advertisement look like content. Lead them into the buying process through gentle nudges.

3. Agitate their pain points

A study published by Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science showed that people will pay twice as much to avoid pain as to get pleasure. This means in your marketing stop trying to sell the features, benefits and pleasures. Focus on the pain points in their lives, the problems they have without your product or service, and the failures in their lives.

4. Use Online Forums To Copy Their Language Patterns

When writing the copy for your advertorial make sure to use the vernacular of your prospect. Look up insider terms through support forums. For example if you’re selling a product that is based around the skin condition eczema you want to use terms like: atopic dermatitis, pigmentation, flare ups, corticosteroids, inflammation.
Every niche has insider terms that are important to sprinkle in your copy because it shows your prospect you understand the world they’re living in.

5. If your ad isn’t getting likes comments or shares its a dud

When setting up your first campaign focus on engagements. Within the first $10 is your campaign getting likes, comments or shares? If its not it’s probably a dud and it’s time to continue testing.

6. Hire A Professional

We recommend Ronnie Sandlin you can contact his team directly here: