How One Successful Gym Owner Is Leveraging Disruptive Technology To Grow Multiple 7 Figure Gyms



For a guy who has built a fitness empire, Travis Jones, CEO of Result Based Training, is happily coaching other gym owners to help build their seven-figure gym empires too.

“The trick is to merge your digital and social presence with the brick and mortar gym culture that many gyms thrive on,” says Jones, who founded Result Based Training in 2002. “When a [gym] chain can bridge the gap between a physical location and a social media following, the results will be win-win.”

With nine successful gyms under his belt and a 10th one on the way, Result Based Training, has already laid the framework to building a successful gym business. A big contributor to the chain’s growth has been their social media presence as well as Facebook advertising strategies.

In today’s economy if you do not have a strong online following, then you stand almost no chance of winning in this extremely competitive market

“Your customers live in a selfie culture; integrating their social media presence with their physical training is of equal importance. This was the big aha moment I had when I started to leverage social media and online marketing properly in my business,” commented Jones. “I was rapidly able to build gyms out and make them profitable. In under four years, my team and I were able to build very lucrative gym locations in three different countries.”

Obviously a lot of other gym owners saw Jones’ success and wanted tips on how to grow their businesses. “I’m not the type of person who believes in competition. I really believe that when gyms cooperate, big impact will always follow. Not only do the gym owners see results but more importantly, the gym members who are also looking to change their lives for the better see results,” Jones elaborated.

Jones’ isn’t the only gym who has seen massive success simply by leveraging online marketing strategies. Tommy Nguyen, owner of First Place Fitness in Cerritos, has also seen large increases in his gym’s revenue in under six months. “My nephew and his friends started posting selfies and checking into my gym. I decided to start running Facebook advertising and building my email list. In a few short months, my membership rates increased and my attrition decreased dramatically,” Nguyen stated.

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