How Disruptive Technology Is Helping Lawyers Grow 7 Figure Practices



For many attorneys, one of the biggest problems they face on a day-to-day basis is generating a steady stream of new clients. One company in Santa Monica has discretely pioneered the way many law firms now grow their practice.

For the past several years, many law firms have had to innovate the way they find new business. Services like Yelp and Avvo have aggressively fought for law firm marketing dollars yet neither have proven to show a significant increase in client intake for law firms who sign up for their services.

I used to be able to rely on word-of-mouth but now things have become too competitive. I signed up with Yelp and Avvo but it seems like people only want free advice…

“I spent thousands of dollars trying to get Google pay-per-click to work but rarely got any calls. I hired an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialist which turned out to be a complete waste of time and money. I was ready to give up until I came across DLO Media,” stated Keith Allen, an attorney from Los Angeles.

Danilo Lee Founder of DLO Media
Danilo Lee Founder of DLO Media

Danilo Lee, founder of DLO Media, has created what he and many others think is the solution for many struggling attorneys trying to market their law firms.

“I realized what attorneys are really looking for is results; results without monthly contracts, massive changes to their websites or having to risk large amounts of money online with little to no traction.”

“I created a pay-as-you need program. My company works with different law firms and evaluates their intake capabilities. From there, we are able to generate on-demand calls at a pace their law firms can handle with a simple push of a button” Lee commented.

Right now, DLO Media plans on limiting work to a few select law firms, “The truth is, the market is too competitive and I can only help a handful of law firms dominate their market. It’s like playing a game of musical chairs; there is only a limited number of top positions available online and the chairs are constantly moving around.”

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