9 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Do


Becoming a successful entrepreneur takes dedication, persistence and hard work, sadly there are no magic elves who will do your work for you in the middle of the night.

Its all about your mentality and how you approach different situations

Hundreds of published books and thousands of online articles have explored the many characteristics of a successful entrepreneur, all claiming that you must be this or you have to buy that to find out more.  But we aren’t about that nonsense because we know that it all comes down to the same major points and I am more than happy to share them with you today.

First and for most, Passion, Perseverance and a Positive Attitude are the essential elements to becoming a successful business venture.  Once you have these three attributes, the following will be a walk in the park.

1. Loving What You Do

Passion comes from the heart and it is also the heart in keeping a business moving forward.  It is the driving force that wakes you up in the morning and keeps you going late at night.  Putting in a half hearted effort into your entrepreneurial venture will chip away at your drive for success.

Along with this comes perseverance, when you love what you do and have a true passion for it, you will try and keep on trying until you have reached your goals and ultimately succeed in your life’s endeavours.  Most of Abraham Lincoln’s achievements were done much later in his life, the earlier years of his life were full of failure, but he never gave up.

2.  Taking Baby Steps


When venturing into unchartered territories, you don’t just jump in, you take baby steps.  Although there are success stories where people have become millionaires overnight, those are extremely rare.  Balance is crucial, while moving forward is the desired goal, risk management is an essential factor to success.  You can absorb and bounce back from losses easily if you take small risks in the beginning, these will provide you with productive lessons that will guide you in the future.

3.  Learning From Others


Why make the same mistakes that have already been made from countless others.  Successful entrepreneurs will have often worked under others before venturing out on their own.  Spending at least a few years in an industry under a mentor will provide you a launching pad to entrepreneurial success.  You have the opportunity to learn from your predecessor’s mistakes and brainstorm on how to improve their model.

4.  Proper Self Promotion


The first marketing any business experiences is from its founder, even just to get the company started you had to sell the idea to some lending organization for start up funds.  Spend time learning how to share your vision without coming across like a car salesman, remember that your client is your main focus.

5.  Constantly Taking Action


There is no place for procrastination or distraction in a startup.  From the minute you start setting forth on you business venture you must commit to a 24/7, no sick day job that demands your attention to move forward.

6.  Plan


A successful business plan does not need to be a book, a 10 page plan is long enough to include everything you need to get started .  To be effective in this part you need to read about successful businesses and business strategies.  It is said that Steve Jobs has the next 10 years of Apple planned out including new product releases, talk about a good planner.

7.  Build Reputation


Not only your personal reputation but also the reputation of your business.  Maintaining a blog on a well hosted site and volunteering your time and skills are excellent examples of you showing the community your value, and therefore builds trust and expertise.

8.  Build an “A Team”


Once you have found the skill sets and attitudes that support the culture of the brand you want to represent, it will foster innovation and enhance your reputation.  You can start to build an “A Team” who will look after your current venture as you set off on your next.

9.  Mindfulness of Your Attitude


Your success rests in the hands of your attitude.  Negativity, entitlement and laziness wastes time and money and will tarnish your reputation.  Own up and face challenges, don’t blame mistakes on other factors.  A positive attitude will prove to be one of your greatest strengths, start finding techniques to restore your “zen” and maintain it throughout the day.


While the list above will help you on your way to becoming a successful entrepreneur, you must remember your human needs.  Taking care of yourself both physically and mentally is a no brainer, without exercise, sleep or proper nutrition you’ll find yourself struggling for no reason.  Also remember your friends and family, they are your support group and they will probably be reminding you to eat and to get some sleep.  Don’t push them away they are looking out for you and your success too.