9 People Who Will Destroy Your Business Venture


If you are on your way to growing a successful business, you need to be deliberate and careful about who you let into.  This applies at all ranks within your company, whether it be the janitor or receptionist, but especially your prospective partner.  You want to build a team of people of whom each and every person brings something valuable to the table, and who are all mentally positive and stable.

Every positive person you let into your life increases your chances of being positive by 11 percent” – Proceedings of the Royal Society, 2010

Figuring out whom to avoid at first will be difficult, however with some practice you will start to get a good reading of people and know who will help build your business up or who will bring them down.  Luckily for you, I’m going to give you a little shortcut and reveal to you the…

9 People You Should Avoid In Your Business


1.  The Fat Cat

These are the people who come into your business and throw around a lot of money and make you offers too good to be true.  It doesn’t matter who these people are, they are deliberately trying to distract you from the fact that they want to take control over your company.  Don’t sell out, after all you were the one who put in countless sleepless nights.


2.  The Black Cat

These people are negative, depressed and bad luck seems to follow them where ever they go.  Do not feel bad for these people, they have put themselves in that situation by not taking initiative and thinking positively.  This is not to be confused with realistic thinkers.


3.  The Elephant

According to legend reinforced by science, an elephant never forgets.  An elephant is a person who never lets you forget your past mistakes or who you used to be.  Don’t let anyone pull you back into the past, everyone fails at some point.  If you have failed, it means you have an opportunity to learn, grow and keep moving forward.


4.  The Goat

Goats are the people you’ll meet who are extremely charismatic, big-talking and seemingly full of luck.  They seem to get away with everything.  The problem with these people is that they use their strengths in devious ways.  If you find yourself making bad business decisions when you are dealing with or around a particular someone, its a good idea to limit your business interactions with this person.


5.  The Siren

Sirens are those incredibly enticing people who you meet and completely distract you from your goals.  Be weary and don’t let an amazing person make you forget that you and your business have something incredible to offer as well.


6.  The Hater

Haters want to be on top of everyone else but they don’t want to put in the work.  Their idea is to push everyone else down to make it look like they are on top.  Don’t let haters into your business but use their hatred as a form of motivation to help you strive to be better and help your business become strong and successful.


7.  The Narcissist

These are talented people who are often too consumed with themselves to take action, particularly bad in team oriented tasks.  A narcissist might try to encourage you to put the image of the business over its reputation.  This is always a bad idea, when building a business it is best to be authentic and transparent.  Be realistic, don’t make things bigger than they should and avoid conforming into something that you’re not.


8.  The Drama Queen

Nobody likes a drama queen, and you should do your very best to keep them out of the business.  They are addicted to drama and winning, if they don’t win they will continue to spread the drama until they are satisfied, a state they will never reach.  You will be better off keeping these people out of your business and limiting your time with them.


9.  The Pleasure Seeker

The pleasure seeker or party animal is a person who has little patience for anything other than instant gratification through sex and drugs among other things.  Be careful letting these people into your business.  Although it may seem like the perfect time to start splurging, remember that these activities tend to be addictive and time consuming.


It is not to say that all the people with these characteristics are bad or you shouldn’t keep them as friends or acquaintances.  Keep in mind that some of these traits are destructive in nature and that its a bad idea to involve your business with such characteristics.  With that said, I hope you have found this article useful in deciding which people to let into your business.