Insider Report on Social Media


Does your business have a Facebook page or a Twitter account?  If you do you’re on the right track.  If you don’t, it’s time that you took a good look at your potential marketing audience with social media.


What you didn’t know about social media is that whatever you learned 6 months ago is already becoming outdated.  Considering platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat have been on the rise in both users and marketing possibilities.

Facebook is already forcing users to invest money in order to reach their audience who use the site.  Facebook claims that their “Pages” have become a “free marketing gravy train” quite strategically capitalized on the opportunity.  They recently launched the “Audience Network”, which gives businesses the tools to specifically target mobile phone users across the different applications that they may be using.


With the capability of the smartphone ever increasing, so should your attention to catering the the cellphone user.  Apps such as Snapchat and Instagram are predominantly used on mobile devices such as phones or tablets.  Retailers are falling in love with the visually intense nature of these Apps as well as Pinterest not only because of how they appeal to our aesthetics also because it allows users to interact with your company. 

It also allows you to interact with your customers, you should be “liking”, commenting and reposting with a remark or thank you.  It really reaches out to your customers, showing them that you are a real person and can respond with human emotions.


Even if your business does not sell physical products that you can photograph, Instagram and Pinterest can still be a viable option.  Post flyers and offer discounts on services or share what your business represents and what it can do for the consumer.  When doing this don’t be afraid to post photos of your business in action, perhaps a presentation or team outings, keep it interesting but respect people’s privacy and don’t overexpose your business.

The hashtag of “#” is becoming a growing trend not only on platforms like Instagram but also throughout the entire world of social media.  These vital if you want your audience to be able to search for or even better unknowingly find your posts.


Remember to regularly engage your audience, its easy to start a Facebook page but keeping it updated with posts and photos takes some effort.  Allocating 10 minutes a day to your social media is plenty for most industries.  Its okay to repost things several times, especially on Twitter because people are sometimes overloaded with informations and miss your posts and interactions.


If your company is struggling to reach the younger audience maybe Snapchat is the direction you should be looking towards.  If you don’t already know how it works it’s basically an App that lets you send people photos with text that the receiver can only open once and can only see for a set amount of time.

You could have competitions where you ask your followers to post their best photo of them enjoying your product and they’d receive your newest feature.  You can then release entries on your website and Instagram or Facebook further making the consumer feel like they are an active part of your business.

Social media is one of the greatest things that has happened to marketing and public relations since television, and the beauty of it is that all it takes is a smartphone and laptop…