Millenials Are Using This Scale To Stay In Ketosis

99% Of Health Risks Can Be Detected By This Scale

Every expert will tell you that the key to staying in Ketosis is to monitor your data daily in order to track your progress.

With FitTrack Scale tracking your vital health and data for you and your family has never been easier or more life saving than before!

For most people a scale is simply a way to weigh yourself and set weight loss goals. But a new generation of scales is changing the way people are monitoring their health and even alerting them of potential health risks before a doctor can detect it or they are even physically aware of the problem themselves.

What most people don’t know is that their medical data is often time kept in files and dusty cabinets and rarely ever reviewed by their doctor to find any patterns of potential illness or serious conditions.

Until recently only the super wealthy could afford round the clock monitoring of their health and vital signs. That is until a secret revolution of medical devices have allowed patients to take wellness back into their own hands.

Quick Version: Savvy people are monitoring their health and vital signs to alert them of health problems before their doctors or they themselves are even aware. Learn More about FitTrack

What can you do today to avoid an early death?

It is estimated that heart disease, which is one of the biggest silent killers around the world and kills 1 out of 3 humans worldwide. According to World Health Organization, 85% of these deaths are due to heart attacks and strokes – which means many people catch it when it’s already too late.2

However, the good news is that 80% of this is preventable by checking and controlling risk factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar. And you don’t have to have multiple hospital visits with stacks of medical bills piling your bank account to make this possible.

When was the last time you felt like your health insurance actually had your best interest in mind? Let me guess – you probably couldn’t think of a single time. This is why it’s so important to be your own patient advocate and take advantage of life saving tools like the bluetooth scale.

I do not want my unfitness to shorten that many years of my potential life span…

“I knew I was overweight. It’s been creeping up year after year. So my weight warning was no surprise. But I do like all the other goodies you learn about yourself. Both good and not so good. The one measurement I really valued was the Metabolic age. It was a wake up call for me. I do not want my unfitness to shorten that many years of my potential life span. Changes begin today!” – Jarvis Jones

Don’t let hospitals control your health.

With the Fit Track, you can finally feel safe and secure knowing that you and your family’s health is constantly being monitored.

  • Track changes in your body composition (muscle mass, fat %, water and bone composition)
  • Track more than your weight and measure your stress levels (which is the leading trigger of heart attacks!!)
  • Receive alerts and notifications with changes in your weight
  • Provide up-to-date health reports and data for your healthcare providers

With FitTrack App, you can sync your data through Bluetooth and Wifi technology automatically and monitor your health on the go. With its ability to track multiple users, you can ensure that your whole family household is protected. Purchase FitTrack App.


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