How This Salesperson Built A 7 Figure Pipeline With Simple Blog Posts


We’ve all heard of successful tech entrepreneurs becoming overnight millionaires. Recently we’ve been hearing a lot about overnight Crypto millionaires, but that is no longer the only rags-to-riches story to be told.

There has been a quiet revolution happening with millennial entrepreneurs leveraging their blogs and Facebook advertisements proving to be just as lucrative for savvy sales people.

Mike Buontempo is one of those entrepreneurs.¬†Buontempo has built a 7 figure business simply by leveraging boring blog posts to attract new sales into his pipeline. But it wasn’t always like that Buontemp stated, “Just a few years ago I was a struggling salesperson.

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“I was tired of just making enough to survive. “

I knew there had to be a way to attract leads daily that wanted to buy from me. I was tired of “cold calling” and going to networking meetings where everyone is selling and no one is buying.

I was making just enough to constantly be broke. It wasn’t until I was at a carwash washing my beat up Honda that I saw this young guy walk out of his brand new Bentley with plates that said CLOSER.

I knew immediately I had to go talk to this guy. I mean anyone that was driving a Bentley with CLOSER plates had to be worth talking to right?

After waiting for the perfect opportunity to talk to him I summoned up the courage to go speak with him. I was immediately surprised by how friendly and approachable he really was.

The Secret To Large Commissions

To make a long story short. He told me two words that will forever change my life. Those two words may not sound like anything to you. But this was literally my ticket to a life I could only imagine.

These two words were “High Ticket.”¬†Basically, he High Ticket means selling items for large amounts of profits rather than “Low Ticket” which means selling items that don’t pay you much commission.

For example. Don’t you agree that you will make more money if you simply made more profits per deal? I mean it was almost too stupidly obvious.

He said to me “look Mike, right now you’re selling and putting all of your energy and focus on deals that ultimately don’t make you much money. Even if you were the greatest sales person in the world there are only so many hours in the day and so many people in a day you can talk to to sell your product and make money off of.

By simply selling products that make you a higher commission you’re instantly increasing your income and your lifestyle.

I said to him that’s easier said than done, if you don’t have buyers to sell these so called ‘high ticket’ sales then none of this matters!

Boring Blog Posts Were His Secret Weapon

He then told me the second key piece of information I needed that changed my life forever. He said simple Mike, you simply create these boring blog posts and watch the leads start flooding into your pipeline.

I couldn’t believe it at first. I mean it all seemed to easy and obvious. I immediately rushed home to set up my own blog post. I was stunned at how quickly and easily leads starting to flow in.”

How To Learn More

Mike Buontempo has put together a free live training showing you exactly how his FB High Ticket system works. Venture Insider Club does make a small fee for recommending this system, but as our loyal readers know we only recommend products that have been thoroughly vetted and approved by our editors.