Dangerous Gas Lines Are Ticking Time Bomb In Las Vegas


A hidden and potentially very dangerous problem is starting to cause problems across Las Vegas, Henderson, and Summerlin Nevada.

For many homeowners in Las Vegas the thought of a gas line explosion in their neighborhood isn’t something that keeps them up at night.

However, they may have need to re-think their false sense of security. Many homes in Las Vegas are fitted with copper wire that over the years of contact with hard soil and harsh desert have become eroded and deemed unsafe.

This has caused leaks and in some cases very dangerous explosions that can happen at a moment’s notice without any warning.

Here is a video the Las Vegas Fire Department recently caught of a gas line explosion in neighborhood in Las Vegas that abruptly exploded.

Many experts are concerned that we may see a fatal explosion in one of our neighborhoods like the San Bruno Pipeline explosion in the suburbs of San Francisco that killed 8 people and left many more people gravely wounded.

San Bruno Pipeline Explosions

What You Can Do About It

For Las Vegas residents concerned about the dangers of having eroding copper pipes that are potentially dangerous we recommend having a professional gas leak inspector come out to your home and do a free gas line audit and inspection of your gas line.

The number you can call to schedule you free inspections is: